Episode 4

It has long since been established that I am working on a web series, which is what this little Episode series is all about. It is still in the pre-production stages. So far out of twelve episodes, I have written five with skeletal drafts of three. There are things to consider when writing a web…Read more Episode 4

How Not To Start a Story

His alarm went off, waking him with a jolt. Don't start your story with some guy waking up to an alarm clock, or waking up at all, unless it is incredibly vital to your story. Like, there is actually an exciting reason for you to write about this guy waking up. [Insert dream sequence here].…Read more How Not To Start a Story

Writing Scene vs Summary

I'm a writer, if you haven't figured that much out. I write screenplays, short stories, poetry, song lyrics, and I'm also writing a novel. I've been writing since I was eight years old and since then I've been perfecting my craft. My writing still isn't perfect, mind you. At least, not until after rounds and…Read more Writing Scene vs Summary