Note to Writers

As a writer, I get stuck and I stumble over ideas quite frequently. Sometimes I'll scan the web looking through ideas for how to write. Working on my third revision of my recent WIP, I've been having some issues with how I want to write it. And so I took to the internet.  One thing…Read more Note to Writers

Sewing: the not so exciting odyssey

So, I probably blew this up way too much when I initially became excited about the whole sewing thing. After all, I just got a new sewing machine and I was all "this is so fantastic. I am totally going to be an avid sewing person who sews all the time." Not sure if you've…Read more Sewing: the not so exciting odyssey


How does one go about vlogging? I'm asking seriously. I think I wanna start a vlog. I've been watching vlogs on YouTube more closely lately. People talking to cameras about their lives. Thoughts being expressed via internet. It's all so interesting and I think I want to try it as a marketing strategy for my…Read more Vlogging