I Just Graduated!

Yeah, you read that right. I just graduated from college. And as with every major event that comes, I've got feelings about it. First of all, let me repeat: I just graduated from college. Not kindergarten. Not high school. College. Four (actually five) years of caffeine-induced all-nighters, crazy study tricks like eating minty gum and…Read more I Just Graduated!

Big Announcement – Again…

So due to other things going on in my life, I'm changing my prior announcement. I am going to be moving from just writing about things to talking about things via my new YouTube channel, something I mentioned before but now the date is changed and so has the link. In a couple of weeks,…Read more Big Announcement – Again…


How does one go about vlogging? I'm asking seriously. I think I wanna start a vlog. I've been watching vlogs on YouTube more closely lately. People talking to cameras about their lives. Thoughts being expressed via internet. It's all so interesting and I think I want to try it as a marketing strategy for my…Read more Vlogging

We’re all Animals

Something struck me this past Thanksgiving. We celebrate the plight of some people who just wanted away from the crazy serial-groom King Henry VIII. The pilgrims were so fed up with their king and his church that they got onto a boat and risked never seeing loved ones again just to assure themselves that they would one day be at peace. Can you imagine how insane someone must be that people feel like they must flee the country? But I digress. See, I wasn't thinking about the dark history of Thanksgiving so much as the biology of us as animals. We are so organized as predators.