Hello World,

It has been a good, long while since I last wrote on this blog.

I am sure you all have been waiting eagerly for the last year, wondering where the mystery internet woman went. I joke, of course. Thanks for the patience, though, not that I really gave any other option.

Things have been happening for me. It is crazy how things that come together are strung together in such fast motion that one loses track of time. I lost track of time.

I have eleven followers right now, so I know I’m no big celebrity of anything, but thank you for being there. Or here. Thanks for being anywhere.

I am working on some things. Time management, leadership skills, and working on myself.

One of those things includes coming back and working on my blog here, which I started to make myself accountable for my own writing and projects.

A few updates since I’ve been gone:

  1. I started a literary journal (plainvillereview.com).
  2. I am about 3/4 done with the third first draft of my novel.
  3. I am turning into a career builder.

Thanks for staying tuned and reading my words. Do stay tuned for more because they are coming.

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