Note to Writers

As a writer, I get stuck and I stumble over ideas quite frequently. Sometimes I’ll scan the web looking through ideas for how to write.

Working on my third revision of my recent WIP, I’ve been having some issues with how I want to write it.

And so I took to the internet. 

One thing I noticed amid the vast amount of writing advice: a lot of it is posed as rules for how a book should be written.

Now, I don’t like this very much. I understand that I write things that might seem like I’m telling you rules but they are mere suggestions. I would never try to break the creativity by telling someone exactly how they should do something.

Sure, it is nice to know the formula of a particular genre so you can market properly and all that, but think about this after the writing is done.

As a person with a B.A in Creative Writing, I understand what it’s like to feel a need to write in accordance with a set of rules. And I know what it’s like to be held back by the so-called rules of writing.

Again, don’t get me wrong. It is completely okay to read these writing advice articles and I recommend that you build your writing knowledge in any way you can. However, do not hold any of these things to be set in stone rules that you must follow. Take them as mere suggestions.

Do not let lengthy lists of rules confuse you and your awesome stories. While it can be tempting while you get stuck or while you’re considering the next steps of your project, do not let these rules control your story. You can let them help you with your story but please don’t let them become your story.

Remember: only you know how to write your story. No rules are set in stone and your story is all that matters.

I just wanted to say a few words to all of you writers out there struggling to write your story while reading the many different rules that float out there. Stay cool, and stay yourself. 


Got anything to add to this post? Any issues that you have as a writer? Do you want me to write about a particular subject? Feel free to comment below!

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