Drafting (as in a novel)

Obviously, I write. I do that thing where I type one word after another until my fingers bleed and my brain bleeds. And with writing comes a lot of writing better known as drafting.

Write a million words, then another million words based on those million words until you have a perfect collection of one million words.

I hate doing it but it is a necessary evil when it comes to creating your perfect work.

Here’s how it goes:

Draft 1: Vomit everything onto paper. All the words that your brain can muster. This is how you figure out your story. This is the ugly uncooked potato of your story.

Draft 2: You take the vomit, the ugly uncooked potato of your story, and you mush it around a bit to make it a little better. All those plot holes, character inconsistencies, and any other big picture issues that occurred when you were spewing all over the page are being fixed. Your story is shaping to be much better looking already.

Draft 3: You bake the potato and it’s edible and delicious and that is your draft. You’ve polished it up a bit.

Draft 4: You add butter or sour cream or chives to your baked potato. Those are the final touches and the final polishing of your story. This is the final draft.

It’s a lot of work, yes, but it’s worth it to hold in your hands a wonderful finished product. I am currently on Draft 3 of my WIP and I am excited to start querying my novel. We shall see how it goes!


Did you like this post or find it useful? Have any suggestions for writing? Feel free to like this post or comment below!



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