My Writing Process

Writing is different for everyone. Some people are pantsers (as in people who write through the seat of their pants) while others are plotters and plan everything before writing.

I consider myself a mix of both – dubbed plantser by the writing community. Putting it straight: I write, then I plot some, then I write some more, then I plot some more. However, every story is different.

My current Work-In-Progress (or WIP if you will) started with a character sketch – a basic scene written to fully understand a character. This character was going to be in another story as a sort of background character but I grew to love with her so much that I decided she needed her own story.

From her, my current WIP grew into what it is still shaping up to be now.

I don’t usually plot first but with this story I was just so excited that I did. I didn’t plot every single point that would be in the story, just the main character ensemble and the big plot points (ie. opening scene, inciting incident, major conflicts, etc.) and wrote all of that fun stuff into a notebook. I was obsessed with the planning part.

Just a little side note: I was working on another story at the time (like actually writing) and I used the planning as an excuse to procrastinate on that project as it lost its luster. Not good for getting things done and I don’t recommend it and I haven’t done it since.

I feel like this whole post is a big example of breaking all of the rules of writing.

When I was done with the planning, the excitement to write my WIP was strong. Immediately I took to Scrivener (special writing software that I have no affiliation with whatsoever) and wrote all of my favorite scenes – the ones that I was super excited about when I was planning. I didn’t write in order, and I personally don’t find it a lot of fun in the long run to write in order. I say the long run because sometimes if I’m on a roll, I do write in order.

But I digress…

So I wrote all of the scenes that I liked and then the dark, gloomy cloud called writer’s block loomed over my head and I couldn’t figure out what to write next.

Instead of giving up, however, I turned to plotting once more. I needed to figure out how the small pieces of the story fit into the bigger picture that I planned out in the beginning.

A lot of scribbling and mini-plotting later, I went through my process all over again and wrote all of the scenes I felt most passionate about.

And I pretty much repeated that process until now. I have decided to mix things up a bit and rediscover my story with a detailed summary. I am going to work on that now and I will give an update as to how that works out for me.


Did you like this post or find it useful? Have any suggestions for completing my writing? Feel free to like this post or comment below!




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