Episode 2

Writing is hard. I feel like that is going to be  a common theme of this blog. As I continue working on my web series, I am reminded again and again how difficult it is to write.

Now obviously I know how to write. I know how to form sentences, put one word in front of the other and all that. The problem I have is forming a good, structured story.

In Episode 1 of my Writing for the Web series, I talk about how I figured out a structure for each mini episode of my series. Which I did and it seemed to work fine at first when I was thinking about it in terms of completely separate episodes.

However, my web series started having an actual story with an actual plot. And that’s when things got complicated.

Yes, each episode should follow that basic structure that I mentioned before, but then when you add in all of the major carry-over from episode to episode, things get tricky.

Charts were made, so many excel spreadsheets.

So over the course of writing, I’ve decided to mark segments of my thoughts as I go. This one being the one where I discuss the growing plot of my show.

I’m still using the PCR method from Episode 1 of this segment but now dots have to connect.

The main character has friends who do things and his life works around the events that happen in that front.

Cool story, right?





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