Sewing: The Odyssey

Hey all! So this is my beautiful new (I mean, clearly it’s old but it’s new to me) sewing machine. I’ve been meaning to learn sewing for a while because costume design has always been an interest of mine and now I have no excuse.


Just a small disclaimer: I am not here to teach anyone how to sew. This is just my experience from novice to hopeful professional, maybe.

Recently, I started teaching myself to sew via YouTube tutorials. I highly recommend this route to any one who wants to learn because it is free and if things are going too fast for you, you can just press the pause button on your remote or keyboard. Plus, you don’t have to leave your house which is always a big plus for me.

Below you will see my first stitch ever made. While it might not seem like a big deal to you, it is actually a super big deal since it was quite a process to even get to that point.

See, apparently you have to put two different spools of thread into your machine. There’s a regular sized spool that goes on top of your machine and makes up your top stitch and then a smaller spool called a bobbin that goes under your needle and makes up the bottom stitch.

Anyway, I didn’t realize all the work it would take just to set up the damn sewing machine. Again, this was my first time sewing ever.

It took me a good hour to set it all up with winding the thread of both spools and making sure it went through the needle. It took a few tries but my first successful stitch was the one you see below.



My first project was this scarf you see wrapped around my kitten Jiji (she truly is the best model). For a first time, simple seemed to be the best choice so I decided to make an infinity scarf which is literally a scarf in the shape of a circle.

The only issue I had? Back-stitching, which is when you go back over your stitch in order to reinforce it. Note to self: work on that.


As you can see, the scarf, my first project was a total success. Definitely kitten approved.

More projects to come!


What did you think about this post? Did you find it interesting? Is there anything about sewing that you have questions about? Like I said, I’m not here to teach you but I’ll try. Comment and let me know!

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