We’re all Animals

Something struck me this past Thanksgiving.

We celebrate the plight of some people who just wanted away from the crazy serial-groom King Henry VIII. The pilgrims were so fed up with their king and his church that they got onto a boat and risked never seeing loved ones again just to assure themselves that they would one day be at peace. Can you imagine how insane someone must be that people feel like they must flee the country?

But I digress.

See, I wasn’t thinking about the dark history of Thanksgiving so much as the biology of us as animals.

We are so organized as predators.

Think about farms for a second. Somewhere along the way we as a species learned that we could take certain animals and cage them up and then slaughter them mercilessly. I mean,  we didn’t get to the top of the food-chain by hiding away in our caves and waiting for the woolly mammoth to charge by.

Lions will carry their prey all of the way up a tree so that it’s trapped and left for a later meal, like lunch or breakfast.Which we do with our cooked leftovers, do we not?

But somehow we’ve developed a complex system for how we procure the bacon.

And so we have the small crates and the slop that our bacon is forced to stand in and suck down until their very last days.

The same goes for the turkeys. Which is why you can probably find a herd of them crossing the street like a lame dad’s joke come to life. Just around Thanksgiving too.

Look at me, coming back around to my first point.

But we have it all down so that our food is constantly populating itself and we’ve even changed around some of their DNA to make them taste better, which is crazy but not so crazy when you actually go to eat a wild turkey.

Just try it. I dare you.

Our grocery stores, our farms, our markets; all places that we have created to store our food for future consumption. Just like the lions that place their food in the trees.

And then, like the lion, we tear our food apart and eat it, though we have forks and knives instead of claws.


Feel free to comment! I’d love to hear what anyone has to say on this matter.



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