Big Things Coming

Along with the first issue of Plainville Review, my new literary magazine, I have decided to embark on a few other endeavors. I am not at will to discuss yet but wanted to give a little update as to how things are going. I will give another update in about a week once I have…Read more Big Things Coming

Life Updates (Quarantine Edition)

Hello all, It has been a long while since I wrote on this blog, and I'm hoping to start back up at the pace I used to write. See, a lot of things have been happening lately (some good, some bad) and the brain has been in a bit of fog. Quarantine doesn't help the…Read more Life Updates (Quarantine Edition)

Hello World,

It has been a good, long while since I last wrote on this blog. I am sure you all have been waiting eagerly for the last year, wondering where the mystery internet woman went. I joke, of course. Thanks for the patience, though, not that I really gave any other option. Things have been happening…Read more Hello World,

After a loooong vacation…

Hello all, I am back on the internet. It has been a very long and eventful year for me. Big things: I moved in with my long-term boyfriend. I got my first full-time job. I got my driver's license (after three long years!). I decided to pursue graduate school.   Again, like I said, this…Read more After a loooong vacation…

Happy New Year (still January, still okay)

Three months. That's how long it's been since I've written a word on this site. As I've said before, I have Creative Project Attention Deficit (a self-dubbed term that I've shortened into CPAD). I start project after project and never finish anything. Or, rather, that used to be the case until I settled onto something.…Read more Happy New Year (still January, still okay)

Note to Writers

As a writer, I get stuck and I stumble over ideas quite frequently. Sometimes I'll scan the web looking through ideas for how to write. Working on my third revision of my recent WIP, I've been having some issues with how I want to write it. And so I took to the internet.  One thing…Read more Note to Writers

Life in the Real World

Welcome back to school, kids. You lucky ducks, you. I am a college graduate. I am extremely fresh to this whole college graduate thing. Like, I still haven't gotten my diploma in the mail. Being a college graduate, I am now in that awkward stage of life where I have a degree and have to…Read more Life in the Real World

Episode 4

It has long since been established that I am working on a web series, which is what this little Episode series is all about. It is still in the pre-production stages. So far out of twelve episodes, I have written five with skeletal drafts of three. There are things to consider when writing a web…Read more Episode 4

In case you didn’t know…

I have an Etsy shop and I would love to help y'all with your writing projects and essays. Feel free to visit here. What I do: I offer editing, proofreading, and critiquing, on both a syntax and grammar level as well as on the level of content. I also allow the option to message me…Read more In case you didn’t know…

The funniest joke of all time

This is a joke I probably heard when I was five or something like that. It still makes me laugh to this day. Enjoy. Person 1: Knock knock. Person 2: Who's there? Person 1: Banana. Person 2: Banana who? Person 1: Knock knock. Person 2: Who's there? Person 1: Banana. Person 2: Banana who? Person…Read more The funniest joke of all time